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Pairing Your Favorite Bachelor In Paradise Cast Members With Wine

If you’re not familiar with The Bachelor In Paradise- it is a spin-off from the uber popular reality series The Bach...

Get The Most out of Your Wine with These Gadgets

Wine is fun - but it’s also tricky. It’s sometimes hard to get the most out of your wine with just a bottle and a cor...

Master Wine at your Next Dinner Party With These Tips

Hosting a dinner party can be scary. There’s so much that goes into it. Don’t be scared.  This list of simple tips wi...

What Are Sulfites?

Sulfites have been used since ancient Roman times to preserve the taste, quality and display of food. Today they are ...

Four Rising-Star Wine Brands

Everyone has their preferred classic wine. The brands that have survived the test of time and upon mention almost eve...

Tasmania Wines

Everyone has their favorite ‘region’ of wine and each region has its strengths. Whether it’s a Marlborough Sauvignon ...
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