Tasmania Wines

Everyone has their favorite ‘region’ of wine and each region has its strengths. Whether it’s a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, or a nice dry Italian Pinot Grigio. Let’s throw Tasmania into the mix. In today’s piece we are taking a trip down under and walking you through some of our favorite brand varietals from gorgeous Tasmania. Their cool coastal regions makes it a breeding ground for lighthearted white wines. But don’t let the region scare you away - they have their share of bold reds for you to enjoy as well.

It’s cool, crisp with a finish that is without bubbles sticking to your tongue. This sparkler will supercharge almost any appetizer. The fruity notes on the nose and tongue makes this a superstar combo with most light dishes. Plus it comes to you at a fraction that a high end champagne would cost you. Buy it directly from their website.
In a land of crisp whites, and fun loving bubblies - this merlot really shines. Its deep crimson color will pull you in while its dark cherry aromas will keep you grounded. Expect this one to stick to your tongue a bit more when you pair it with a bold italian inspired dish or a good barbecue meal. Stefano Lubiana wines are available straight from their website or if you’re lucky from
This cool climate pinot noir is dry to the taste and is met with notes of oak, cherry and the perfect amount of spices to make it pop. You will remember the unique flavors on this one as the bright red wine slowly empties out of your glass. Combine it with an earthy, white meat dish to really bring out all of its aspects. Devil’s Corner is available directly from their website for you to purchase.
The cool region is perfect for this crisp Pinot Gris. The crispness pops without overpowering the pear and floral notes that makes Ghost Rock’s Pinot Gris an unforgettable sip. The acidity ratio is perfect. Serve this with a delicious veggie filled pasta salad and let the flavors soar. Ghost Rock is available for purchase direct from their website. Try a bottle and let us know what you think!
These are just some of our favorite wines from the incredibly multifaceted Tansmania area. Whatever you choose - make sure to have StiQit handy to eliminate the added sulfites and ensure that you taste the wine as intended. What are some of your favorite wines from the region?
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