Alan Macinnes, StiQit sulfite removal device team



Al MacInnes is the creator and inventor of WINESTIQ. A former pharmaceutical scientist and executive for over 20 years, Al wanted to use his scientific background and knowledge to develop a product to help his wife.

Al’s wife had been diagnosed as being sensitive to sulfites which meant she could no longer enjoy wine without suffering from the negative health effects caused by the sulfite preservatives.

While working as an Entrepreneur in Residence with BioGenerator in St. Louis, Al set out to solve the problem and used his scientific experience to invent WINESTIQ.

“We initially set out to understand how many sulfites were in wines. By knowing this we were able to develop WINESTIQ to precisely and rapidly remove all of the sulfites from any wine without it changing the taste or appearance. The big test came when my wife tried WINESTIQ. She was understandably a little hesitant at first but was delighted to find she was able to enjoy her favorite wines without suffering from any of the sulfite side effects and the wine tasted just as delicious.”

The first WINESTIQ product to remove sulfites from a single glass of wine was launched in 2017, followed by the bottle WINESTIQ to remove sulfites from a full bottle of wine in mid-2020.

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