How Additives in your Wine can Cause health Problems and Accelerate aging (and how to remove them)

It's no secret that as your body ages, it undergoes fairly drastic changes. It's harder to keep off excess weight, your energy levels feel lower, and your body becomes less effective at detoxing additives and harmful preservatives. Most wine drinkers know that wine has a lot of antioxident properties but don't know there are also harsh sulfite preservatives in wine that are linked to health problems and disease. There's a healthier way to enjoy wine without the sulfite preservatives.

Did You know?

Sulfites are found in all wine - even the expensive wines and wines labeled 'made from organic grapes.' Take a look at a bottle of wine in your kitchen - it probably says ‘Contains Sulfites.’

When you’re younger, your body is highly effective at ridding toxic or unhealthy substances, like sulfite preservatives. As you get older, the sulfite additives in wine lead to short term side effects you probably affiliate with getting older but there are also long term health problems caused by free radicals.

Short term side effects attributed to sulfites are worsened morning after headaches and upset stomach. People with more of a sensitvity report hives, facial redness and difficulty breathing.

Free Radicals caused by sulfites addidtives are public enemy number one in wine. Free Radicals can be caused by a myriad of things such as cigarette smoke, UV rays, radiation, and sulfites found in your favorite bottle of wine.

There now are solutions to immediately remove all sulfites from wine. For example, WINESTIQ immediately neutralizes (removes) all sulfites from a glass of wine without changing the taste, color, or aroma of your wine.

There's no reason not to remove all sulfites from your wine so your body doesn’t have to detox the harsh preservatives or fight off the free radicals that are linked to chronic illness and accelerated aging.


Are sulfites needed?

Well, they're not needed once the bottle of wine is poured. Wine makers only add sulfites to prevent their wine from spoiling before you drink it. Removing them before drinking is a win-win.

What are free radicals?

A free radical occurs when an atom or molecule becomes imbalanced with an unpaired electron. For those that don’t know - electrons, like humans, love traveling in pairs. As free radicals make their way through your body they ‘borrow’ (steal) electrons from other cells. This process creates a domino effect where imbalanced molecules create a horrible chain of stealing and the cell eventually being destroyed. Free radicals within the body are linked to chronic health problems such as Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disease, cataracts and cancer.


How do free radicals make you age faster?

The free radical theory of aging is based on the simple principle that as free radicals travel through your body they break down molecules that are essential for vital bodily functions. As you age you will constantly produce and ingest more free radicals. It’s almost impossible that you don’t. This free radical assault creates a more rapid degradation of cells, which is the primary cause of ‘aging.’ We all know that aging is much more than telling people you’re a year older. With older age comes wrinkles, slower motor skills, decreased memory function, and lower energy. Making an effort to ingest less free radicals is one of the first steps you can take to ensure that you are living your best life for as long as possible. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy your favorite glass of wine.

Pour 6 to 8 ounces of your favorite wine. Open a WINESTIQ and gently stir the wine for 10 seconds and you will eliminate all of the sulfites. That means no adverse side effects, and no extra free radicals coursing through your body. It’s that easy. Take the steps to removing sulfite-preservatives and enjoy wine again!

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